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Martial Arts Basics

Martial Arts


Martial Arts

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Martial Arts  

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Martial Arts



Kung Fu or Martial Arts is a broad term in Chinese language. To learn Kung Fu with Global Exchange Center in Beijing or Yantai, you may select one of Chinese Kung Fu styles:

Tai Chi Quan or Tai Chi Fist        

Tai Chi Quan as a martial art is noted for its relaxed, calm and gentle movements that are performed slowing and continuously. Tai Chi provides an exercise for both the mind and the body through practice as a way to keep fit, to cultivate oneself and for self
( Tai Chi programs are offered in Beijing and Yantai)

Chang Quan or Long Fist                

Chang Quan or Long Fist refers to a family of external Kung Fu styles from northern China. Chang Quan emphasizes fully extended kicks and striking techniques. Chang Quan is considered to contain a good balance or hand and foot
fighting techniques.
( Chang Quan programs are offered in Beijing and Yantai)

Wing Chun    

Wing Chun is one of the ancient martial art styles from southern China. Wing Chun  is a form of self-defense utilizing both striking and grappling while specializing in close-range combat. Wing Chun is based on the concepts and principles of simplicity, economy of
movement, and economy of energy
( Wing Chun programs are offered in Beijing and Yantai)

Mantis Boxing       

Mantis Boxing, sometimes called Shandong Praying Mantis after its province of origin, is a comprehensive system having absorbed the major techniques and principles of the northern schools of boxing. Mantis Boxing emphasizes the spirits and ferocity of the mantis over
mere superficial imitation of the insect’s movements.
(Mantis Boxing program is offered in Yantai)
Shaolin Kung Fu                           

Shaolin Kung Fu refers to a collection of Chinese martial arts that claim affiliation with the Shaolin Monastery. Shaolin Kung Fu emphasizes the expression of a deeper spiritual goal over the pursuit for superhuman
(Shaolin Kung Fu program is offered in Yantai)


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