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Why Choose Global Exchange Center?


Proven Quality

Since 1999, Global Exchange Center’s teachers and support staff have provided safe and educational experiences for hundreds of professionals and university students from over 20 different countries. We are proud to consistently receive high levels of positive feedback from our clients. In many cases, our customers return multiple times for further training. In 2007, 30 of our former students returned to work with us.


Professional and Academic Third Party Approval


Our center in Beijing is accredited by CSN, a Swedish institution with high standards that works with study abroad students.



Our intensive group courses have been approved by Bildungsurlaub, an education organization that collaborates with the German government, since 2004. Bligdungsurlaub is an institution responsible for facilitating professional instruction for German employees interested in improving their foreign language skills. Recognition from this state authority is only given to institutions that meet their high standards of quality.


Wide Variety of Effective Programs

We aspire to meet your needs and provide effective instruction by maintaining a variety of options to help meet your individual goals.

  Chinese Instruction

Global Exchange Center is proud of its record of providing high quality and flexible Chinese training. We can accommodate customers seeking training periods lasting anywhere from two weeks to an academic year.

We offer several options for students seeking personal attention. Our center in Beijing delivers effective instruction by maintaining strict limits on class size and utilizing well trained and experienced teachers. Individual instruction, either as a program choice or a supplement to group classes, is readily available.

For those interested in immersing themselves in Chinese, we integrate a host family stay with Chinese instruction in cities throughout China. Currently we also offer instructional programs though Skype, allowing us to deliver high quality instruction to your home or office.

  Professional Training

Our internship placement program provides our clients with valuable professional experience in the Chinese workplace. Practical usage of spoken Chinese and hands on international work experience will enhance your future career prospects at home and abroad.
Multi City MBA Study Tours

We utilize our resources and connections to provide a variety of enjoyable and educational tours for students and organizations interested in China. Our tailor made tours provide valuable exposure for MBA students interested in developing their understanding of the Chinese cultural and economic environment.

Qualified, Friendly and Helpful Staff

Our academic and support staff are very knowledgeable and eager to help you enjoy your stay in China. Global Exchange Center teachers all have previous experience teaching Chinese and have earned degrees in either Chinese or Education. All administrative and support staff have years of experience advising and assisting our clients to ensure an enjoyable and safe stay in China.

Helpful Logistical Assistance

We are eager to assist you with your China experience. We are prepared to help you with everything from your initial visa application to your final departure from China. Our staff is readily available to provide medical escorts, travel advice, and help with your daily life.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is an important aspect of international work and travel. After several years of working with students and professionals, Global Exchange Center has accumulated a significant and diverse alumni network. Clients that take our programs can utilize this valuable network to help reach their personal and professional goals.

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