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Frequently Asked Questions


School Related

* Is there a minimum age requirement for applicants?
* What if I miss a class? When do I get to make it up?
* Course credit -- Can I receive university / college credit for course work conducted in your program?
* Can I buy snacks and something to drink at the school?
* What is a typical day like?


Program Related

  What can I expect to learn in your general Chinese courses?
Is it possible to select the class contents to fit my personal need?
How many people are in one group?
How long does one class last in your program (without breaks)?
What is the program length and start dates?
Do you offer extracurricular activities?
What is a typical student like?
How I can make a payment transfer?
Is there a deadline to make registration?
What is your Cancellation and Refund policy?


Internship Related

  What is the minimum/maximum length of the internship?
What are the primary duties?
What are the hours?
What is the cost of the program and what is included?


Accommodation Related

  What should I bring with me?
Do I get my own bedroom?
Are the meals included?
I need to use the internet frequently; is that possible?
I like my drinks cold, are there refrigerators available?
Do I get towels provided or do I have to bring them?
I am staying for more than a week. Naturally I have to do laundry. How does that work?
I have special dietary needs because I have food allergies; can that be accommodated in a host-family?
I have special dietary needs because I am Vegetarian or Vegan; can that be accommodated in a host-family?
VOLTAGE -- What is the voltage used in China? Can I bring my hairdryer from home?


General Questions about living in Beijing


* Where in Beijing is Global Exchange Center located?
* WEATHER -- What is the weather like in Beijing?
* What about Money? I will need cash, right? Are their enough ATMs or do I have to search them?
* I want to see the great wall, but I know it is fairly far away from Beijing. Can you help me?
* Afterwards or even in between, I would like to travel the country a little bit. Can you help me find
an a
* Beijing is a big city, how do I get around town?
* How about if I don’t really like taking busses and subways?
* I also want to go out every once in a while for fun. Where do I go, what is there to do?
* Can I buy western goods in Beijing?
* I can’t live without peanut butter; can I buy that in Beijing?
* What kinds of food are available and how much does it costs to eat out?
* Is the tab water drinkable in Beijing?
* Opening hours of facilities; when do supermarkets, clubs, bars, etc close?
* What if I get sick and need to see a doctor/go to the hospital? Where do I go? How do I communicate?
* Is it safe in Beijing?


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