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Introduction of Global Exchange Education Center


As a leading Chinese language school and a cultural exchange institute in China, Global Exchange Education Center has been providing Mandarin language courses and cultural exchange programs for over a decade. It started in 1999 as a study abroad consulting agency to help Chinese students to find overseas study programs. Then in 2002, Global Exchange Center launched Chinese language programs for non-native Chinese students. Since then, it has been specializing in high quality, professional and competitively priced Chinese Language Training programs It offers flexible scheduling and customized, personal attention for each student in order to provide the best Chinese Mandarin learning programs in China.



In last a few years, Global Exchange Center has constantly developed high quality educational programs to enrich our training course profile. Those include "Au Pair in China", “Chinese Business Internships”, Chinese Distance learning program, University-Placement and more.


  "Au Pair in China" program is in very special position among
our newly developed programs. As an education exchange center, Global Exchange Education center has been focusing
on cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world.
Our "Au Pair in China" includes not only to place international
Au Pair in Chinese families, but also to recruit Chinese youth
to be Au Pair in other countries, such as Germany, USA and more.

In 2008, Global Exchange Center launched “Chinese Martial
Arts in China” programs and started to provide both the short term and long term Martial Arts courses in Beijing as well as
in Yantai.  The martial arts styles we offer include: Tai Chi, traditional Chinese Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Mantis Boxing and more.

On November 28, 2012, our main textbook “ Real Life Chinese” was published as digital book on Amazon. The full title of this book is " Real Life Chinese-200 Practical Chinese Sentences with Communicative Approach” 实用汉语200句(shíyòng hànyǔ èrbǎi jù . It was the result of a few years hard word by many of our teachers in our center.



ISBN-13  978-0-9823363-0-4

ISBN-10  0-9823363-0-6


To access our digital book online: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AEGIAMA

Our Mission:
Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between people of different languages, nations and cultures. We enhance cultural and business exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

Our Location:

Beijing Office:
Our center is located in a high technology development area called Shang Di in Haidian District in northwest side of Beijing. Most China top universities are in Haidian, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Language & Cultural University and more. Our center is near Beijing Sport University. Our building is about 15 minutes walking distance from Beijing Subway station called “Shangdi” on the subway line 13. So it is easy to get to almost anywhere in Beijing by the subway line from our area. For instance, it takes about 15 minutes by subway to Xi Zhi Men, then it may take the subway line 2 to Tian An Men, the center of Beijing. There are many restaurants in the area, the styles include Hot pot, Chinese dumpling, Korean, Japanese, Pizza, and of course many Chinese local type dishes.

Yantai Office:

Our center has a small branch office in Yantai, the coastal city in Shangdong peninsula in China. Our Yantai office provides private one to one and small group Chinese language courses. It also offers Chinese Martial Arts programs, especially the long term Martial Arts training programs there.  

Learn Chinese in Beijing, China with Global Exchange Education Cente, a leading Chinese school in China
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