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Martial Arts in Yantai

Martial Arts


Martial Arts

in Beijing 

Martial Arts
in Yantai

Martial Arts



Because of its fair weather and extensive coasts, Yantai is a popular summer retreat in China with beautiful scenery. Located in northeast side of Shangdong peninsula, Yantai is a middle size coastal city that is famous for its sea food, wine and its tradition for kung fu training. Yantai is the place of origin for Mantis boxing and the popular destination for kung fu training in modern China because the air is clean and the environment is relaxed and tranquil.

Our “Martial Arts in Yantai” is perfect for the people who want to be immersed totally in nature environment kung fu training in a relatively longer period of time. Our Kung fu training center is situated in a beautiful mountain setting that is east of main city of Yantai. The advantages to take Martial Arts in Yantai include beautiful and clear natural environments, lower overall costs, highly qualified and experienced kung fu masters and well established students service system.

Program Highlights:

  From one month to multi-years;
Possible to start in any month of the year 
Lower overall training and living cost level
From total beginner to the advance level learners 
Highly experienced, awards winning martial arts masters 
Available martial arts courses include: traditional kung fu, tai chi, Mantis boxing …,  
Weekend tours in Yantai, Penglai available
Combining Beijing tours available


Typical schedule on week day in Yantai center:

6:15-7:00  Taichi or morning exercises
7:15  Breakfast
8:30-10:00   Core Martial Arts training
10:00-10:30 Break
10:30-11:30 Qigong meditation
12:00  Lunch
12:30-14:30 Rest
14:30-16:00 Guided practicing of the forms
16:00-17:00 Break
17:00  Supper
18:00-20:00  Once a week of Mandarin classes or cultural lessons. Other days are
free time.
21:30    Go to the bed

Yantai Kung fu Program Components: A), Core martial arts training;  B), Guided self practice;  C), Martial Arts related Chinese language and cultural courses:

A. Core martial arts training:    In each morning on weekday, there are one and a half hours core martial arts training and one hour qigong meditation with our experienced martial arts master.  The core training will be in very small group.  The training may covers different martial arts forms, such as traditional kung fu, Tai chi, Mantis boxing , Wine Chun and more.  The focus of core training will be new martial arts forms learning and correction of easily occurred mistakes. 
B.  Guided self-practicing:  In the afternoon, there are one and a half hours guided practicing.  Our martial arts advisors will guide practice session.  Students are expected to practice what they learned in previous classes and may ask questions or give feedbacks of their learning to student’s advisors. 
C. Free martial Arts related Chinese language and cultural courses:  there are 2 hours each week Chinese language and cultural learning. Students are in regular classroom to learn martial arts related Chinese terms and basic introduction of martial arts history, Chinese basic philosophy, basic Chinese medicine and other related topics.  

Fees for Yantai Full-time Martial Arts programs
  • Price
1 1280
2 2330


4 4320
5 4960
6 5560
add month 560

The listed fees include: core martial arts training, guided practice session, cultural lessons of 2 hours each week, single room accommodation, foods in school, two way train tickets between Beijing and Yantai, two way transfer from Yantai train station to Yantai center, Emergency travel and medical insurance, administration fee and access to martial arts weapons.

Please notice: different from Beijing program, the fees in Yantai include the students foods in the school.


One week tours package (5-6 days) in Beijing with accommodation: $300

What are NOT included:

International Airfare to and from Beijing, visa service fee and personal spending money


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