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How to apply for our programs

In order to apply for all of our programs, you must be:

  • at least 18 year's old
  • in good health
  • a high school graduate
Application Procedure for Chinese Language Programs:

Step 1: send us a completed application form by email, fax or by post mail.
Step 2: Send us $60 application fee after receiving our email confirmation.
Step 3: arrange payment transfer for the balance.
Step 4: plan the trip to Beijing.

Application Procedure for Chinese Business Internship Programs:
Step 1: send us a completed application form with your CV and personal statement for the program by email, fax or by post mail.
Step 2: end us $250 ($60 application fee and $250 internship placement deposit) after receiving our letter of acceptance for the program.
Step 3: arrange final payment transfer after receiving our second confirmation.
Step 4: plan the trip to Beijing.


Personal Statement for applicants for Chinese Business Internship Program:
  You should state why you want to take this program and what your expectations of the program are, how you will integrate this program in your future career.



The applications for most programs are reviewed on a rolling basis, you are encouraged to submit your application well ahead of the application deadline.

Partial or full application fee may be waived for the application if you book 3 months in advance of the starting day.

Late applications are considered on a space-available basis. $20 late application fee may be applied.


Having received you application, Global Exchange Education Center usually send out an email confirmation for the booking within 2 - 5 working days

So if you do not hear from us within a week, please try to contact us in alternative way.

First, you can contact us by either our own email at <enquires@glexchange.net> or
< glexchange@yahoo.com>


Second, you can send us a fax at the number (00) 86 10 8237 2368or call our office at
(00)86 10 8237 3308 or 8237 2368


Cancellation Policy:

Registration fee is not refundable anytime.

Full amount is refundable two weeks before the starting date.

90% of the fee is refundable if cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the starting date of the program.

No refund after the first 2 week of the program.
Exception must be approved by the director of our center.


Payment Methods:

We accept payment by Bank wire transfer. The cash settlement is possible if it is agreed by our center.

We also accept major credit cards and Paypal payment, but 2 % of surcharge would be applied.



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