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  Each year, Global Exchange Center provides Chinese language and cultural summer camp that combine intensive Chinese language courses, Chinese cultural immersion activities, language partners with Chinese students.  We offer both adults language immersion programs and Junior Chinese language & Cultural camps.

Chinese Summer Camp starting dates 2015: June 1/ June 15 / July 6/ July 20 / Aug. 3
Class Group Size: Maximum of 10 Students per Class 
Language Levels: 6 levels from beginners to intermediate
Program Length: 3 weeks or longer
Arrival Day: Sunday before 15:00
Departure Day:  Saturday before 12:00 noon


Summer Camp Options and Prices / Junior Summer Camp Application & Terms


Camp Highlights:

1. Language immersion and cultures learning environment
2. Effective Chinese language courses complemented by cultural activities, sports, and excursions
3. Safety and reliability accommodations and learning envirements
4. Innovative Communicative Language Teaching methods and student-centered approach
5. Small group classes with a maximum of 10 students.

Camp Category:

  1. 1.
    1. Adults Language Immersion Camp:

    Intensive language course plus language partner programs with Chinese students. Suggested accommodation: Chinese hosts. This program can be booked individually and by small group.

    1. Full Camp for teens from 13 to 17

    Students will study and live together in a group under the guidance of teachers and program coordinators 24 hours a day

    3. Day Camp for 10 to 15 year olds
    Students study and take part in activities at school during the day and spend time with family or relatives during evenings and weekends.
    4. Specially designed for parents who travel with their children to Beijing.

  1. Camp organization and accommodation:
    1. Chinese Language Courses:  

    Students will participate in small group lessons from Monday to Friday in the mornings or afternoons depending on weather conditions, activities and schedule. Our Communicative teaching approach focuses on real life situations. We utilize a comprehensive focus on key language skills such as listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading and writing to encourage quick acquisition. While we emphasize intensive practice, above all we feel that language learning must be fun and engaging in order to be effective

    2. Cultural Activities and Excursions:
      • We provide a wide range and diverse cultural activities for students, which include cultural workshops, an introduction to Chinese Movies, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Martial Arts and acrobatics shows. In addition, students will visit museum, historic and local art sites , go on exciting Beijing hutong tours and learn to make dumplings at cooking classes. We also arrange athletic activities, such as basketball, soccer, ping-pong, badminton and swimming. On weekends, we take longer sightseeing excursions to beautiful areas around Beijing.
    1. Camp Accommodation

    Students’ residential apartments are conveniently located from our center office. All accommodation is furnished and equipped with a desk, chairs, fridge, micro-wave oven, washing machine, television and air conditioning.


  1. Summer Camp Options and Prices / Junior Summer Camp Application & Terms

    Contact us directly for any questions or booking procedure

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