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Our center provides a few kinds of accommodations for our students based upon their preferences and needs.  We understand that how to live in China is an important part of their study-abroad experiences. All of our accommodations are carefully selected to ensure students' safety and comfort of our students.

Fees of students accommodations in Beijing 2018 ( in USD)




Fees of students accommodations in Beijing 2017( in USD)


No. of weeks Host Family
















Add week


Chinese Host Family:

In the home-stay, students live with a Chinese host like the family member. This is the best way for the students to practice the Chinese language in real life environment and to experience the Chinese culture and daily life. It is also a popular way to build connections and friendships with ordinary Chinese people and families. As a family member, you may eat, watch TV, shop and experience daily life with the host family.

Each host family is interviewed by our staff. A security check is completed before a selection is made. After the stay, the Global Exchange Center collects feedback about the host family from the students. Ratings and feedback are important for each host family in order to improve the quality of their home stay service.
The minimum booking for home stay is two weeks.
Standard package includes:
•     single bedroom in the family
•     Shared bathroom (in most cases, shower-room)
•     Breakfast and supper

Recommended nearby hostels or hotels:
Following are the hostels or hotels near our center. Our potentail students may book following hostels or hotels through our center or book directly with the hostels or hotels.

Fees of recommended hostels and hotels 2016 ( in USD)

  single room in four bedroom apart single room in three bedroom apart one bedroom apart with private bathroom Hotel
1 nights     39 61
1 week
(6 nights)
    233 365
2 weeks
(13 nights)
    505 792
2 weeks plus
(15 ninghts)
199 265 583 914
3 weeks
(20 nights)
265 353 777 1218

4 weeks
(27 nights)

357 477 1049 1644
additional nights 14 18 39 61

A: Cinderella Apartment
The apartment is a middle level service apartment.The key value of service apartment is to integrate the comfortable home life with the elegant and noble hotel service. but the area has good food and 24-hour markets nearby. Banks, fruit stands, a shopping mall are walking distance. Staff are excellent and speak English.
  1) Facilities: 24 Hour Reception,free Internet Access, air conditioning, housekeeping.
Available of the single room in three bedrooms apartment with shared bathroom and living room and the single room apartment with private bothroom
  2) address and direction to our center
No 30,An Ning Zhuang East Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing, China
To our center: 20 minutes walking to our center and there are a few bus lines to our center and there are about 4 bus stops to Shangdi area.



Prior reviews for this hostel

The Hotel in Shangdi, Haidian:
The Hotel is one of the most successful economical hotel chains in China. It has about four hundred hotels in about 100 cities in China to provide standarlized, comfortable and clean service to the clients. Its Shangdi hotel is in short walking distance to our center.

1) Facilities:24 Hour Reception,free Internet Access, air conditioning, daily housekeeping,restaurant,water boiler Standard room with two single beds or one large bed.
2) To our center: go out of hotel and walking to southeast direction just 10-15 minutes.
3) Prior reviews for this hostel

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