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Distance Learning Course on Chinese language

The Global Exchange Center is offering an exciting new language service: Online distance Chinese programs. Now students can learn Chinese and practice their listening and speaking skills from the comfort of their home or office. While there are additional learning resources included, the core of this program is centered on having real time connection with one of our experienced teachers in China, through free internet software such as skype or MSN messenger.


  Features of our online Chinese course:


* Qualified teaching: All of our online teachers are native Chinese speakers with lots of experience. They are here to guide our students through the learning process on a personal level.
* Flexible: Our online classes are tailored to each student’s schedule and personal needs. For example, our teachers can help students prepare for Chinese exams in their home country, or help professionals with business terminology. Teachers can adapt to study materials that the students are currently utilizing or help them find new materials.
* Affordable: By utilizing free services such as skype and MSN, we are currently able to make our effective instruction available for a much lower price. Generally, our on-line courses are cheaper (from 2% to 15%) than comparable courses provided through our on site programs in China. In addition, by utilizing our long distance program, students can benefit from the assistance of an experienced native teacher without incurring the cost of traveling to China.


  All of our online courses are private, one to one lessons (2016)
All fees are in US dollars
Number of weeks




additional 4 weeks

5 lessons / weeks

334 615 883 281

10 lessons/ weeks

625 1137 1653 534

15 lessons/ weeks

827 1604 2311 762

  The fees above are applied for any class time from 8:30 am to 16:30 Beijing time.
10 % surcharge may applied if the students request to have lessons in other time.

Online Course Details & Requirements:

Online courses require a computer with internet access, computer headset with microphone (video camera is optional), and an active Skype or MSN account (Skype is preferred) for telephone service.

How it works:

Send us an email if you are interested in our online Chinese program,

Fill in our application that we send you by email and send it back to us

Free Trail lesson: one of our teachers will set up a trail lesson with you. Then if you are happy with the lesson, our student advisor will then answer any of your questions and guide you to enroll in the course.

Submit your payment or monthly recurring payment

The student advisor will provide guidance for the purchase of textbooks and other materials

Start your lessons and enjoy them!


  Online Terms & Conditions:

* Each lesson runs 50 minutes.
* The booking must be made 4 weeks in advance.
* Short term (longer than 4 weeks) booking must be paid in advance before the course begins.
* Long-term courses are paid either in advance or automatically each month. The long term students may enjoy 2-5% discount if the whole payment is paid in one time advance.

* Classes may be rescheduled, assuming your teacher is available, as long as the class is rescheduled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled class time. Missed classes, without prior notice, cannot be rescheduled.

If a long term student wishes to cancel any booked lessons, this must be done at least TWO weeks in advance. Remaining fees are refundable after a $50 service fee is deducted.

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