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Wish to learn Chinese from the expert natives? Even distance cannot stop you from taking the course to learn Chinese characters as taught by the inhabitants of China. Global Exchange Education Center makes available a very comprehensive Online Chinese Language Course. This course was introduced with an aim to bridge the communication gap between China and the various nations, languages and cultures of the world.

The effective internet telephone service – Skype – makes possible quality voice transmission over the internet and enables us to offer effective private lessons to international students. All you need to do is setup a Skype account for free and send us a request for an online course. We will set up your personalized study plan so that you can start learning Chinese right away.

Get to learn Chinese just the way you would if you were to live in China!

With the flexibility of learning at your convenience and a highly sophisticated learning program that can be customized according to your needs, we strive to make available the most affordable recourse for those who wish to learn Chinese characters online. From reading and writing the Chinese characters with proper usage of grammar to fluently speaking the language with perfect pronunciation can now be taught effectively through an audio contact over the internet. The professional and native Chinese teachers instruct and assess you over the internet. All the benefits that you would receive if you were to learn Chinese in China are now easy to get with the online program.

Our online program also offers the required cultural and business training, educational consulting and aid in recruiting Chinese students for international schools. This is an effort put forth by Global Exchange Center, an easy and cost-effective way out to help all those interested in learning Chinese. Just put on your headphones and start your online course, now!


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