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It’s a mistaken belief that the people of China speak Chinese. The official language here is actually called Mandarin. If you’re looking to learn the language, this is the place to do it. The Global Exchange Center, Beijing, offers you competitively priced and highly professional Chinese language learning programs. Along with these programs we also offer Valuable Chinese Business Internships. Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between China and the nations of the world.

Our program primarily focuses on the practical application of the language. Apart from class instructions in Mandarin, it also involves special interaction with native Mandarin speakers. The electives of the Chinese language course are optional. The private one-on-one lessons are tailored as per the students needs. We have group programs that focus on developing conversational skills. And since Mandarin is a vast and complex language, we have an accelerated course that will speed things up and help you learn the language much faster.

Comprehensive programs to learn Mandarin - the native language of the Chinese

Another major benefit of our Mandarin learning programs is that they are all customized as per your needs. For example – the individual lessons offer flexible schedules, and can be modified based on what you wish to gain out of the program, be it conversational knowledge or in-depth reading and writing. The course can also be taken all year round no matter what level of learning you’re in. At the lower levels, we also carry out small group and intensive small group lessons, which come with their own specially charted programs.

The Global Exchange Center is located in Beijing, because the Mandarin spoken here is the purest form. Therefore it provides the most convenient and conducive environment for learning the language correctly and well. Do go through our website to gain a fair understanding of the different Chinese or Mandarin Learning programs and their respective fee structures.



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