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Welcome to the leading Chinese center that bridges the gap between people and cultures by imparting successful language courses. China is an emerging commercial and global center, rich in culture and heritage. In order to bridge the communication gap between Chinese and the world, learning the Chinese language is becoming extremely vital. Moreover, with constantly emerging technology and business processes, China as an important economic power cannot be ignored.

Expand and develop your communication with our Chinese language classes!

At Global Exchange Center, we offer a variety of Chinese language classes, in order to empower individuals with quality communication skills to enhance their business endeavors. We are located in Beijing, China’s capital, commercial and social area, and an ideal place to master Mandarin Chinese. The Mandarin Chinese language is the most commonly used language all over the country, especially in Beijing. With our proficient Chinese language classes and courses, you will be able to deal with Chinese businesses efficiently.

Our Chinese language courses are versatile and affordable. We even customize courses to suit your requirements. Along with making you adept in the Chinese language, our courses provide training on Chinese business and culture as well. We also offer educational consulting and aid you with accommodation, travel and medical issues. Now, you can also avail of business internships in our center to understand the Chinese business environment. Moreover, our business internships can even enhance your Chinese language skills and you gain international work experience as well. What’s more, now you can even study through our newly launched Chinese language classes online. So register now and increase your knowledge!


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