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Want to experience Chinese society and culture firsthand? Interested in living in one of the most exciting and international cities in the world with a comfortable salary and a rewarding job?

Come to China and work as an English teacher! You can enjoy a unique opportunity to work and live in an exciting new country. Your adventure in China can also provide you with a vital first step into the international job market.

Searching for a teaching job placement in China from your home country can be confusing and dangerous. Recruiters and placement companies are often unreliable.  It’s not unheard of for teachers to arrive in Beijing only to find out that their job has been given to someone else.

Global Exchange, with a proven service record spanning over ten years, provides a comprehensive, reliable and hassle free service package so you can feel confident and safe! Our job placement service utilizes our experience, resources, and professional network to ensure that you find an ideal job placement and relocate to China safely. Afterwards we provide support to help you enjoy your daily life.

Our center matches potential English teachers with public and private schools, training centers, and corporate clients who require English training. Full time teachers may work from 25-35 hours a week, with part time teachers working anywhere from 5 – 20 hours a week.

Salaries will depend on qualifications based on work experience and certifications. Typically wages range from $12-25 US an hour and provide enough income for a comfortable lifestyle. Some organizations will include free accommodation for teachers willing to commit to 6 months to a year of teaching.

Basic Placement Service:

1. Teaching job placement with a competitive salary
2. Information package upon arrival
3. Continuous support for your daily life, emergencies, and placement during your  stay in China.
4. Airport transfer upon arrival
5. Accommodation Assistance
6. Visa support

Optional Services:
1. Arrangement of short term travel emergency and medical insurance
2. Social activities and excursions in Beijing

English Teaching Job Placement Services:


Teaching Placement
Position: Paid full time teaching job
Requirement: Commitment of 6 months or more
Placement Fee:  $400
Registration Fee:  $100



Combined Chinese Instruction and Teaching Placement
Nature: Paid part time teaching positions,
Requirement: Book a Chinese course and accommodation with Global   Exchange Center for 3 months or more
Placement Fee: Free
Registration Fee:  $100


Conditions for applicants:
1. Native English speaker
2. Good oral communication skills
3. 18 years or older
4. College degree or above
5. TEFL certificate preferred, but not required

For more details on terms and conditions, contact us by email or visit our website for updated details.


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