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“Reading about the country, watching films and videos, talking with other Americans who have spent time doing business there, spending time with Chinese nationals who are visiting or have moved to this country, are all helpful activities, but they cannot replicate the benefit that comes from on-site immersion. Explaining a culture to the uninitiated in words alone is very difficult. It is rather like explaining what an avocado tastes like to someone who has never eaten one. You can use analogies and adjectives, but your effort will be fruitless. Similarly, you need to experience a culture to understand it.”

The Global Exchange Center offers multi city educational tours for international students, schools, and organizations. Our staff strives to provide experiences that are safe, educational, and enjoyable. We utilize our resources and connections throughout the country to develop tailor made tours for a variety of customers.

University students have a unique opportunity to expose themselves to China by exploring cultural gaps and current trends. Exposure to local businesses, meetings with Chinese students, and culture will provide an invaluable experience for those pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Let us develop an itinerary to compliment your academic pursuits! 

Keys Features of Global Exchange Center Educational Tours in China

1. Group on site orientation or seminars held in English by Global Exchange staff and selected industry and academic experts in China.


Onsite visits to selected organizations, schools, Chinese and multi nationals companies, countryside villages or other venues of interest.


Short intensive Chinese Survival language & Culture courses.


Chinese Culture workshops (e.g. Calligraphy, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.


Activities with Chinese Student in same age level and interests fields with tour participants.

Typical activities in “China Business Study Tours”


One day crash course of Chinese language and cultures
Tour in manufacturers, such as Beijing Capital Steel Group, Yanjing Beer Group and more,
Visit traditional Chinese villages
meet with local MBA students to discuss visit and experiences
Make contacts with local and expatriate business people
Seminars on how to establish knowledge to assist in doing business with China
Practice simulated business negotiations with Chinese counterparts

Typical activities in “China Cultural Study Tours”


One day crash course of Chinese language and cultures
Walking Tour in Chinese traditional craft arts, books and furniture markets in Beijing
Visit traditional Chinese villages
Short courses on Chinese cooking
Short courses on Chinese paper cutting
Short courses and on site visiting on Chinese traditional medicine

Schools and organization partners wanted. Group booking terms are unique and affordable and special discounts apply to groups above 10 persons. Contact us directly for details.

Besides key features listed above, our China Study Tours also have following features included:

1. Well trained Chinese college students as on site tour coordinators, and Global Exchange Staff oversee the whole process, solve any problems and ensure the quality of the education tours.
2. Guided study tours to China's historic attractions include qualified English speaking tour guide, sightseeing and admission fees, such as. Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Temples of Heaven, Hutong tour, Peking Opera, Acrobatic shows.

Hotel Accommodation
A range of hotel accommodation from 3 stars to 5 stars to fit any group budget is available. Room types are twin share with single rooms at an additional cost. The location of hotels usually are in Haidian, that is an area most top universities in Beijing are located.


All meals breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided during the study tour. Special Chinese foods are also arranged as a part of cultural experiences, that include: Peking Duck, Chinese Feast, Xinjiang, Hotpot, Chinese dumplings, etc.


Transport and Transfers
Airport transfers from airport and to the airport are included. An air-conditioned bus is provided for transport to listed locations in itinerary.


Onsite China Staff
Global Exchange's professional and experienced staff provides onsite, 24 hour assistance including travel arrangements, educational needs, accommodation, meals, logistics, as you study and travel in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and other cities in China on the itinerary specially tailored to your needs.

Contact us by email for more details on the available dates and tour costs if you like to make booking as individual.



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