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    China Regional Cuisine
      Time:2016-9-5 9:23:10  Clrck:1492

    China Regional Cuisine

    With vast territory, Chinese food has been divided into dozens of different regional food.
    The Han people’s eight great cuisines consist of Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Jiangsu
    cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Anhui Cuisine.
    Based on local agricultural products, food in the North and South China are quite different.
    People in the North like food made up of wheat flour such as noodles, baozi and dumplings,
    however, people in the south like rice staples. Chinese food is widely loved by people in
    the whole world, so you can easily find a Chinese restaurant in an international city.





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