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    Movie of August 2016- 绝地逃亡“Skiptrace”
      Time:2016-8-5 12:20:10  Clrck:3073

    绝地逃亡(in pinyin: jué dì táo wáng

    English translation: Skiptrace

    Director: Renny Harlin

    Cast:  Jackie ChanFan BingbingJohnny Knoxville

    Country: China

    Language: Mandarin

    Year Released: 2016

    Hong Kong visiting member Chen Gangsheng (Jackie Chan decoration) tracking and tracing a businessman on the surface is actually a mob boss Wang Weidong (Winston Chao ornaments) as long as more than a decade, to collect evidence of his crimes and was involved in a "trap", will also his niece white Shu (Fan Bingbing) involved. In this field is China Swat, Wang Weidong, Russian Mafia three pincer attack "the Jedi fugitive" in, Benny met adversity is the best partner Connor Johnny Knoxvilque, a is Wang Weidong and Russia hunt for the killer escape us gambling master, three people eventually will be how to end this adventure has become complicated and confusing .





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