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    Movie of June 2016-百鸟朝凤 “Song of the Phoenix ” (2016-06-02)
      Time:2016-6-2 9:35:49  Clrck:2272
    learn Chinese through Chinese Movie- June 2016
    -        百鸟朝凤  “bǎi niǎo cháo fèng ” (2016-06-02)
     百鸟朝凤( in pinyin: bǎi niǎo cháo fèng
    English translation: Song of the Phoenix)
    Director: Wu Tianming
    Cast:Tao Zeru、Li Mincheng、Ji Bo、Zheng Wei、Hu Xianxu
    Country: China
    Language: Mandarin
    Year Released: 2016
    In this unique town, the suona transmission of the ancient folk art, not limited to entertainment, more means it is
    birds paying homage to the phoenix
    birds paying homage to the phoenix
    In the funeral is to travel the deceased a life - moral mediocre play only two, secondary blowing four sets, the superior blowing eight units, hope the person that weigh are eligible to blow "bainiaozhaofeng". "Bainiaozhaofeng" this difficult song, only the leader can master the suona. The unique town, only the Jiaojia coke Simon class troupe famous Quartet can blow "bainiaozhaofeng". Coke he is old, it is urgent to train successors. Pick who? Who? How to cultivate? How to take the lead? Early disciple tour Tianming Jiaojia class aged naive tender, three statues of focus was in awe, although the heart has unwilling to be father "abandoned" in the Jiaojia apprenticeship classes, but there is still a large house glory full win the approval of the master of confidence. To enter the Jiaojia class students must be integrity, faithful to the virtue of Suona artists, from the bones do "suona from the mouth does not leave a hand", to test two disciples compliance with the standards, Tao zeru the cold heat of black master to do tricks.




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