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    Our center expends nursing training (2016-3-10)
      Time:2016-3-11 12:49:38  Clrck:2142

    Global Exchange Center expanse its nursing training program

    In 2016, Global Exchange Center expends its healthcare program, and it expends it nursing training program in China, focusing on Geriatric Nursing and a few exams preparation training, such as CGNFS and NCLEX-RN. 

    In our history, most of our programs are for international trainees who are interested in China.  Expending in China market diversifies our function intensively and makes our operation to our targeted market closer. As most of our new training programs are online, so many of our old friends all over the world may join us as our partners for new programs.  You may be our medical English tutor if you are qualified.

    Currently we work with a few partners in USA, and we are looking forward to having more cooperative partners in other part of the world, mainly nursing training school, Geriatric Nursing research and training organizations.  For more details of our healthcare program, visit our website.





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